Derraras is the Quantum Skip's main clairvoyant and is the founder of the power level system which is used to rank criminals as well as Quantum Skip members. She is also a part of the Classic Crew Arc.

Appearance Edit

Derraras is a petite young woman with long black hair and deep blue eyes. Her eyes become lighter in color when she uses her power. She has Asian features, and at one point she mentions having grown up loving a common Vietnamese dish, thus leading people to believe she may be of Vietnamese decent. Derraras is always wearing the Amulet of Belial, no matter what.

Personality Edit

Derraras is extremely playful and motherly. She is highly protective of the entire crew and often gives them practical life advice. During the days following Poiji getting struck by a Loyalist vehicle Derraras acted like a worried mother, nursing Poiji's wounds and helping her understand the predicament she was in. Derraras can also be extremely wise due to her abilities. She seems to be able to easily tell when and when not to say certain things and how much to say to help keep the crew informed yet calm.

The Quantum Skip Edit

Derraras has been a member of the Quantum Skip since it was first founded, and aided them in building up the agency. She created the Power Level and Rank systems and also used her powers to guide them in decision making.

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