Poiji is the main Protagonist of Half Dead, and is considered part of the Classic Crew Arc. She was formerly human until she drank a vial that left her physically altered, as well as with terrible and sudden pains and partial memory loss.

Appearance Edit

Poiji is a young girl of roughly sixteen years, with pastel pink hair that reaches her waist and eyes that are a magenta color. Before drinking the vial, however, her hair was a dark brown and her eyes were a pale green. She has a small stature and thinks of herself as a very fragile damsel in distress.

Personality Edit

Poiji is far too curious for her own good, which is how she ended up drinking Lotus' vial in the first place. She also desperately likes to fit in to society, as can be observed when she practically has a mental break down upon finding her appearance altered. She has social anxiety, and panics when she is in the spot light or when others seem even slightly displeased with her. She tends to say what people want to hear instead of what she feels. This has led to her keeping quiet while under immense pain as to not bother anyone. It can also be gathered that she is quite intelligent, though she plays stupid often to let Quin feel smarter.

The Quantum Skip Edit

Poiji was taken in by Derraras, the Quantum Skip's clairvoyant, after she was struck by a speeding Loyalist vehicle. Derraras gave Poiji hope for a better future and began to train her as a novice clairvoyant. Derraras had also informed the leaders of Quantum Skip about Poiji's notable power level (6), and it wasn't long until Mabelle decided to invest in her as a Crew Leader. It took a bit of pushing, but finally Poiji agreed.

Backstory Edit

Poiji was fairly new to Moxidius prior to the incident that left her mutated. She was searching for any traces of her family that had evacuated Energy City a few months ago.

Abilities Edit

It is currently unknown what Poiji can do. Dera says that she has a 6 power level, which is fairly strong, but Poiji does not have any clue as to what powers she has.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Poiji is currently the shortest character in the Half Dead series.